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What NitroFill Can Do For Your Business

loyalty Convert More Vehicle Customers Into Loyal Service Customers
  • 40% of your vehicle customers never generate a single cash Service R.O.* They are lost to Fixed Operations at the Point of Sale!
  • According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, your single largest expense as a dealer is the loss of customers prior to them becoming Service customers. 25% of them leave your dealership annually!*
  • The average new car dealer spends over $450 in marketing and advertising for every vehicle sold, yet spends almost nothing to retain that customer in Service*! NitroFill gets the job done for as little $20!
service Sell More Service
  • Your average Service customer visits your Service department 1.2 times each year, while the average NitroFill customer visits their NitroFill Dealer 4.6 times annually.
  • The average customer spends 5 TIMES MORE between 30K-60K miles than between 0K-30K miles, but the average dealer loses 2/3 of their customers by the time their vehicle reaches 30K miles!*
  • With warranty R.O.'s down 50% in the past 36 months,* your Service Drive needs traffic. Tire Inflation Maintenance is by far the most frequently requested and required service on every vehicle you sell or service.
sell tires Sell More Tires
  • Tire replacement time is the Number 1 Point of Defection from your Service Department.
  • Tires represent the highest cost of vehicle ownership after fuel.
  • Replacement tires are a $40 billion dollar annual market.
  • Franchised new car dealers combined to sell only 8% of all replacement tires last year.
  • 78% of customers purchase their replacement tires from the first car care professional that informs them of the need ... an opportunity that your Service staff rarely enjoys, but one that NitroFill virtually guarantees!
  • NitroFill customers not only return to your service drive up to FOUR TIMES MORE OFTEN, they arrive expecting a tire inspection.
sell cars Sell More Cars
  • Loyal Service Customers close at 66%, versus 8% for fresh Ups!
  • It costs 10 TIMES MORE to attract a new customer than to sell your loyal Service customer another vehicle!
  • 2% of the customers in your database will purchase a new car somewhere every month. Loyal Service customers will purchase them from you!
*2014 NADA Data.
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