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NitroFill Plant-a-Tree

The condition of our planet is never far from our thoughts at NitroFill. In fact, reducing the environmental impact of motor vehicle operation has always been a driving force of our business, as increased fuel economy, longer tire life and a reduced carbon foot print are all key benefits of inflating and maintaining tires with NitroFill. But we wanted to do more, and so did our dealers.
Beginning in January 2014 we, on behalf of our NitroFill dealers and their customers, began planting a tree for every NitroFill conversion service sold and inviting the dealers' customers to dedicate their trees to whomever or whatever they choose. In the program's first two years we planted well over 2,000,000 trees and have posted over 850,000 Tree Dedications on, numbers that we hope will continue to grow.
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